MBWales - The Wall

The Wall

Trail name: The Wall
Time:1.5 - 3hrs
"There are two things all riders say about the descent. 'I can’t believe I managed to climb all that way up without realizing or getting totally knackered' and 'That descent was absolutely awesome. Have we got time to do it again?'"

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Red Trail Grade (Difficult)
Some of the best singletrack descents in the UK, this trail essentially traverses the North side of the Afan Valley on singletrack, varying from fast, open and flowing to tight, technical and rooty.

Great views of the valley and coastline open out at different points, and in places the steep-sided slopes can feel exposed.

The approach to the singletrack shares a section of the low level family cycleway and the disused railway line, so please ride with consideration for the many other forest users.
Trail Reviews:
" Loved it. I came over from Briz with a mate. We both had more enthusiasm than experience but had a great time getting dirty tasting the Afan mud and I even laddered my tights (and leg for that matter). Oh well if you're not falling over once in a while you're not trying hard enough, are you?

The trail was great and really was all year round rideable with a few puddles some larger and with steeper walls than others.
Anyone thinking of giving it a go, do so. It's great as long as you're up for a bit of bouncy rollercoaster riding. As the description says it's not suitable for total novices and in this weather 'gentle' or 'reluctant partner' riders might prefer to take another route but otherwise it rocks. Make sure your back brake is up to scratch before the last 2 sections too. Looking forward to coming back soon to take in some of the other rides." - Ade from London
"The technical sections were great, and the tight singletrack really does remind you of a rollercoaster a lot of the time.

The rocky sections were sustained when they came, and don't really give you enough time to think "Wow that was cool" because you're already onto the next technical challenge.
The uphills were great, nice wide tracks with not too steep a gradient, a very pleasant way to get to the top of a hill!" - Paddy from Lemington Spa
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